Robin Hood of Kent Street


As soon as the sun would break on a Saturday morning Kent Street would be filled with all of the children from the neighborhood.  All of the kids who lived on Kent Street knew very well what made our Saturday mornings so special.  Most of us kids would leave our homes barefoot, in dirty clothes and hungry but at this very moment all you could hear were our screams of laughter and joy in play.  One of the older children cries out to the group “Be quiet!  I think he’s coming!!!!”  Every one of us stops in mid play just like we are in a giant game of freeze tag.  You could hear him off in the distance and we all wait in silence now.  Another kid yells out while pointing down the road “There he is!  He’s coming! Line up!” We are all so excited that we are only speaking in giggles and laughter.  Each one of us has now moved to the sides of the street, some of us have even joined hands.  This looks like a parade is about to begin.  I know that in this brief moment of silence all of us kids were holding the same questions in our heads: “I wonder what he will bring us today?”  The sounds growing closer in harmony with my excitement!  The truck turns off from the main road and he’s now on Kent Street.  We can finally see him and we all begin to scream and cheer!  “Yeah!  It’s the Garbage Man!”  His truck is giant and shiny and green, and it makes some really funny sounds.  I think his truck must be the loudest thing in this town, besides those trains that pass through at night.  I hear one kid down the road yell out “I got gum!  AND it’s FRUIT STRIPE!”  Then another kid screams out “CHEETOS!”  Finally it’s my turn and he tossed me a bag of chips, barbecue and these are my favorite!  Happy tears are now distorting my vision.  I always try to look up at him to thank him with a wave and a smile.  All that I can ever make out is a dark-skinned palm waving back at me.  I wonder if this man ever knew how much happiness he brought to all of us kids, and how I thought of him as a Saturday Santa Claus for the poor, and how I can still get excited anytime that I hear a garbage truck. 


4 thoughts on “Robin Hood of Kent Street

  1. This was such a wonderful read Monica, what a beautiful memory for you to hold onto and share. You are such a good writer, I felt your excitement and the other Childrens as you waited for your treats.

    What a kind heart this man had, he may never know on this earth the Joy he brought you as Children but he cared and wanted you to know he cared and this was his way of showing it.

    Do you know Monica that was how Santa Clause came to be known, it was through a Man who was also kind to Children and their Parents, is name was Saint Nicholas, his Parents left him a lot of money and he used it to help the poor, when he died they made up Santa who reminded them of him, I hope you didn’t think Santa was real Lol but I feel in some ways he is, he gives Children a lot of Joy just like your Garbage man and when Children are older they realize it was just another Fairy Story like the Easter Bunny and it has no ill effects but for me the most important thing about Christmas which I always share with children too is that Jesus was Born, I would not be writing this to you Monica if He hadn’t been, He saved my life more than once Physically and also Spiritually… How good is that!.

    Thank you for sharing – Christian Love Always – Anne

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