Moving paper around with my hands

It’s not really the task that bothers me so much.  This is really a matter of pride!  After 10 years of hard work and 2 promotions I am still given a task of moving paper around with my hands.  The return of this task will always remind me that I am not getting ahead, I am still treading water.  My mind begins to wander.  At the completion of this task I will always find myself in my lowest state of depression.  After having spent 4 hours repeating the same series of short adjustments and movements at my desk my body aches.  4 hours of alpha sorting, pairing pages, stapling and I am dizzy.  My hands covered in tiny paper cuts and jagged cuticles.  4 hours later and now I can’t stop questioning every single decisions that led me to take this job!

Could I really stay here?

Could I ever be content with moving paper around with my hands?

These thoughts only send me further into my downward spiral of self-pity.


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