In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “First Sight.”

I loved you even before I met you and I think it started during our junior year of high school.  I had watched you before but something is different now, and it must be her.  You have always had my attention because you were oddly out of place, like you had been delivered from the past.  You always reminded me of James Dean with your cool swagger and your worn leather bomber jacket.  Everything about your style turned me on.  You were always waiting for her in our hallways to carry her books and her bags from each class.  I watch the way your eyes lit up when you saw her, and I envy her because the love you give her is so great.  When you drove her home from school that day I was watching you from my front porch.  She waited while you opened her door and you held her hand while she stepped out of your truck.  I watched you flick a cigarette with the smoke curling out of the corner of your cupids smile, and right then I wanted to know what you might taste like.



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