In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Powerful Suggestion.”

I wonder if I had ever been encouraged what I would have grown up to be?  I have had great big dreams but no faith in my abilities to follow through with any of them, and with each passing day my fears and doubts only grow. My achievements were never seen or celebrated so how can they be real when they have always felt…….imaginary?  Now when I reach out to share my pain, my voice or my story I feel like an imposter or perhaps it’s more like I am undeserving.  Undeserving of any attention or praise.  How can you know who you are or be proud of your accomplishments when you grew up Invisible?  How do you begin to forgive them for not knowing what to do and still never acknowledging any of it?  These scars inside of me run deep and they have permanently defined who I am.  I still feel small, and I am still Invisible.


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