Tentative Todd

Oh how I loathe the word TENTATIVE.  But I believe I loathe the person who hides behind this word even more….Todd.

By definition, the word tentative is not being certain or fixed; done without confidence; hesitant.  .

Tentative.  This is how Todd has responded to every single meeting request that I have sent to him for the past 8 years.  What is the cause of this?  What causes someone to always respond this way?  Is Todd in fact really all that uncertain, and so hesitant?  Or is he just an a$$hole?  I think it’s the latter and Todd knows how much I loathe him and his odd behavior.  Why do I even bother trying to understand Todd and his Tentative responses?

Todd arrives to work each day in the exact same way.  His hand jiggles the unlocked door of our suite like an animal without opposing thumbs.  Once he enters the main lobby Todd begins with audible sighing and heavy foot stomp.  30 feet later he reaches his office door.  Todd then grumbles while he fumbles with something that sounds like a wind chime caught in a meat grinder until he produces an unlocked office door.  A loud thud followed by pained squeaky springs tells me that Todd has made it to an upright seated position in front of his computer.

Todd’s tentative fingers moving slowly, pausing, hesitating to finish words.  A notification pops up in my Outlook.  Todd has responded to my meeting request – Tentative!



4 thoughts on “Tentative Todd

      1. Just back working after 1 yr without a paid job and only took a few days to realise how many Todds there are out therem I’ve made it my slur for the week ( if not longer!) As in ” What a Todd!” Or “Todd off!” Thanks it could take off!

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