The pink plastic object

I drove my son to school in the morning and pulled my 4 door car into a front row parking spot. We had arrived 20 minutes which meant we both had plenty of time to Dillydally; my son playing a game on his Kindle while I have the opportunity to people watch.  The parking lot at this public elementary school can be my prime source for entertainment!

A beautiful blonde woman driving a white SUV begins to pull into the empty parking space to the right of us.  The woman has two young girls in the back seats who are also distracted, like my son, clutching onto some electronic device.  I watch the beautiful blonde out of the corner of my eye, and she begins to fumble with items that she has pulled from a bag placed in her lap.  She paused when she seems to have found the item she was searching for.  She slowly and carefully inspects this pink and plastic object by first bringing it close to her mouth.  With lips tight and pursed she pushed out a quick and narrow stream of her breath to dust off the blades of this pink and plastic lady Bic razor!

She holds the pink plastic so delicately, using only the thumb and middle finger on her right hand.  She takes a hold of the rear view mirror in her left hand and with precise movements, she attempts to best take advantage of this winter’s morning light.  I watch as the beautiful blonde proceeds to dry shave her entire face; starting with her upper lip first where she has pushed out her cupids bow with her tongue.  She scrapes across her dry ivory flesh with quick and short passes, and when she is satisfied with her new skin she moves to her sideburns next, followed by her chin and lastly her long and slender neck.

I am no longer trying to hide the fact that I am fascinated with this woman and her complete lack of couth!  She even catches me staring at her a couple of times but she doesn’t seem bothered by it either.  I know that when she proceeds to roll down her window and tap out the hairs from the pink plastic lady Bic razor on her side mirror.  I am no longer staring at her but out my windshield where I watch her golden vellus hairs dancing across the glass in front of me.



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