I was fixed on the woman’s shoulder who sat directly in front of me.  There was ink on her skin that was peaking out from behind the straps of her dress.  I had a bad tattoo so I understand and partially make out what I am seeing here in her flesh.  I just can’t keep my mind from straying to that really bad place in my imagination where it forced my brain to see something more than what was there.  Once I saw and imagined this image I really couldn’t un-see it again.  I promised my friend that I would later send her a sketch of my interpretation of this tattoo.  (see below)tattooMy friend was kind enough to point out a few things at this lunch that I never would have seen without her eyes.  Like the polycephalys woman from our computer lab. (see below)

polycephalysI can’t even glance her way without giggling out loud, and I am afraid I am going to lose it.  There really ins’t a second smaller head sprouting from her cranium, it only looks that way from this angle.  Every time she opens her mouth to speak I can imagine the expression on her tiny heads face.  LOL!

I am puzzled now with a the question in my mind: “Do most women shower at night, style their hair before bed, sleep on it and then come into to work?”  It really looks that way from this angle.  I have counted 14 hairstyles that all have a similar patch of flat pressed and matted hair and they are right where the pillow would hit.

I forget now why I stopped coming to these free lunches.  I am sure it was something stupid, like the people. Why before today was I not able to see the true value of entertainment that this one hour can provide to me?  I have been suffering from writer’s block, while simultaneously feeling creatively backed up.  Now that I got a few rough sketches and characters on paper I feel grateful for the lunch and what it provided.  I am also blessed to know real people and to be able to share my sick sense of humor with someone who gets me.

My brain has been on fire ever since I left the lecture hall where I had spent that entire hour people watching and giggling with my girlfriends.  I was creating characters, illustrations and conversations inside my head and I finally feel inspired to write, again.

I think today was a good day!

Thanks again, Mich!!! ❤



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