Old Art

I have kept all of my Old Art work tucked neatly inside of empty sketch pads covers and I have those placed inside of a plastic tub labeled Old Art.  This tub has been with me in every home I have ever lived in but it’s location always remains the same.  I keep my tub of Old Art tucked away in the darkest corner inside of my closet.  This tub always hidden, but never forgotten, and still the art serves no purpose.  So why don’t I just toss it all out?  The thought still frightens me, but I can’t explain why.  The art is not something I am proud of, but it is mine and it tells a story that only I can interpret.  I think I also fear that when I do eventually toss it out that I will be tossing out some part of me.   Last night I opened the tub and I decided I would photograph them all and store them electronically.  Then I won’t feel so bad when I finally do decide to take them out to the trash.

Here is a sample of what I am comfortable sharing.

*Edited on 10/23/15 – Added more Art.  Thank you, Ben! 🙂









Fun with colored pencil
Fun with colored pencil




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