photo-1422246358533-95dcd3d48961What happened to us?  This morning when I woke I noticed that we have become strangers in each other’s lives.  Did you notice that too?  Have you fallen out of love with me?  I know the answer inside of my heart is still true, and that all of those promises that we made to one another still hold meaning to me.  Do you think we could ever go back?  Back to that love we had before our lives became so complicated?

This morning I caressed the skin across your back before planting soft kisses on your face to wake you.  Could you still feel my touch?  I can never tell.  I can remember sketching your back once at midnight.  You were lying in this same position, and your body is still just as beautiful to me.  I want so badly to just rest my face on you skin to listen to your heart beating….to feel your body moving with each breathe.  Do you still desire me?

Our love was formed out of clay in our pottery class.  I loved to watch you create with your hands and fine tuning your natural talents.  It was at the end of the semester on our ride back home when you finally confessed your love to me.  I was so terrified and for a moment I couldn’t accept that I might be worthy.   We were two broken hearts and lost souls when we decided to shut out the rest of the world.  You were all that I ever needed.

Do you know that my heart still aches for you when we are apart, and your touch can still take my breathe away?  Could you believe my words to be true?  Even after I have aged and turned bitter?  I never mean any of those horrible things that I say, and it’s true that we know how to cut the deepest with our words.  Could you ever forgive me?  Do you think we can take this clay that has now hardened and form into something recognizable?  Could we try to start again?

Day 4: Writing101


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