Busy at Work

For those of you that don’t already know me:  I am married (13 years), and we have 2 boys (ages 10 & 4). I work a full time job where today I am celebrating my 10 year anniversary.  I also have a 25+ mile commute where I mostly spend my time listening to the Stern show on Sirius.  In August my family combined households with my husband’s parents, and we now share a big home together.  To say that my life can be crazy at times is a complete understatement!  I am stressed.  Most of the time I have trouble being happy, and staying happy.  I just always feel like I am juggling my free time and how to best spend it, and every day I wake up with guilt for the choices that I made.  Someone or something is always suffering!

It is never easy for me to find time to write.  I have been so creatively backed up that it actually hurts!  So where and how do I find the time to blog?  Well, it’s pretty tricky, but I write most of my first drafts while I am at work.  I only do this AFTER I have completed all of my real work, of course.  I also only use my breaks and lunch hours, but honestly, I have a phenomenal boss, and a good job. With my busy season at work quickly approaching I thought I must have been losing my mind for signing up for this class when I did.  Writing while at work can not only be tricky, but it can also be down right dangerous!  I am constantly paranoid of being found out by others, and 2 minutes ago I had to rush to the printer when I heard someone say out loud “Who writes this shit?!”  It was a colleague referring to a research article.  Whew!  I feel like I can breathe again.  I had thought for a brief moment I had accidentally hit PRINT on my current draft. 


When I am not at work I am always carrying around with me a blue tote that contains:

  • one spiral notebook
  • one white 3-ring binder (w/365 writing prompts in print)
  • an assortment of pens
  • one copy of  Bird by Bird, by Anne Lamott

The binder serves as inspiration for the times that I want to write, but I don’t know where to begin, and the book I treat more like a reference tool than an actual book.  I began this practice of carrying my tote after having spent far too many hours in the waiting rooms at doctors offices where I sat still writing stories in my head.  I also never have any way of knowing when I will be inspired or when I will find the time to write.  When the urge to get a story out hits me I need to be prepared like this or that spark will fade away so quickly.

Something that I need for my creative space is chaos and some good tunes.  As long as I have some dim lighting and a pair of earbuds I can tune out the rest of the world around me.  I really dig Neil Young when I am writing, and the sounds of a thunder and rain storm.  Youtube is fantastic for providing me with hours of uninterrupted and endless selections of both!

I really don’t think that I have any writing habits, and if I do they are not good ones.  I want to be more disciplined with my writing, but how?

Do you have any suggestions or great ideas?  Do you know how I get rid of that pesky Html under my contact page?  😉  I figured that out!!!!  Yeah!!!

Please visit my contact page and thanks for stopping by! 

Day 6: Writing 101


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