I wonder what Daryl’s up to?

I retweeted this back on October 28th, and I hate to admit it, but I am still there!   At the end of the Thank You episode I was crying harder than any television has ever made me cry before.  Even after having suffered through the loss of Hannibal on NBC, and I am still not over that.

I am new to The Walking Dead, and while I do not read the comic books I love me a really good spoiler!  I love The Spoiling Dead Fans sites, and reading message boards of the comic enthusiasts.  I wish I had more time.  I wish I could read all of the comic books!

I just started watching The Walking Dead last Spring, and I have been busy binge watching to catch up before season six aired.  What did I learn from doing that?  Binge watching is freaking AWESOME, and I am seriously hating having to wait.  I also got hooked on The Talking Dead, but I feel like I have shown up to the party late there.  But what I have also learned is a lot about myself, my family, and what life hacking skills we possess and are lacking.

It really is a magnificent show!  When I would leave my house, following a good binge watching session, I noticed that I looked at the world with a different set of eyes.  I observe freeways in a new way: Wonder if this would be a good spot to avoid Walkers?  I began making emergency exit plans at my job, at home, for my family.  The best one was a lone motorcycle that I always spotted near a construction site on my commute.  Every time I saw that bike I would actually say out lout to myself “I wonder what Daryl’s up to?”  I began talking about cast members like they were my friends, and when I was finished binge watching season 5 I felt sad, but I wanted more!

Please don’t get me wrong…..I am not completely insane.  I am aware of my own reality.  I just honestly enjoy a show that can take me out of my own head in this way.


Day 7: Writing 101


6 thoughts on “I wonder what Daryl’s up to?

  1. Another Walking Dead enthusiast! Yay! I LOVE this show. It is far and away my favorite show on tv in recent years. Thank You was a very sad episode. I cried 😦 It is amazing how I can get so attached to the characters and feel real loss when they die. I have spent way more time than I should worrying about Glenn and thinking about ways that he could have survived.

    My friend and I talk about how TWD makes us analyze our surroundings… where are safe places, where could we hide from walkers, where would be a good place to stock up on food, weapons, etc. If a zombie apocalypse happens, I’m riding down south to find Daryl! ha ha!

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  2. I know you wrote this a couple of months ago … but, I just came across it. Great post … can’t wait for the show to start back up again 🙂
    BTW … I analyze my surroundings and come up with survival plans as well. 😉

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  3. I’m sooo looking forward to it! They finally gave us back Glenn, then the fence collapses! (I’m assuming you’re caught up if you’re waiting for the mid-season premier)
    When I took Poetry 101 back in October, I wrote a Zombie apocalypse ballad if you want to check it out 😉


    1. Ooooh, I would be more than happy to check out your zombie poem. Thank you! !!!
      I’m all caught up now. Missing Daryl, hoping we get a Glen and Maggie reunion, and I cannot wait for them to introduce NEGAN! I have caught the movie Watchmen on tv several times recently. Rawwr! 😉

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