Dear Local News Stations

When I am getting ready for work I usually spend most of that time listening to and/or watching some of the local news.  In the past year or two I have noticed a trend that I do not like nor do I understand, and I am just glad somebody has finally asked me to give my opinion on it. HA!

On a couple of our local news stations the traffic reporters are not only commenting on the news as it is being delivered, but sometimes they are even anchoring for the first 30-60 minutes every morning!  I am all for seeing people move up the ladder but this just seems sloppy, and completely ridiculous!  When I turn on the television and I see the traffic reporter anchoring I am irritated enough to turn to PBS.

Let me just be honest now and tell you all that I think I just hate the traffic reporters.  It bothered me when I watched one go out on a medical leave, and then return with double D’s.  I used to be able to tolerate that one until she had returned with her new physique.  She was different, and I watched as she transformed into someone else on my television.  Her dresses are now painted on, and her posture makes her look desperate.  She used to do a great job delivering the important information, and now she chimes in with her opinion on everything!  I wish she would just shut up!  Perhaps I should just switch over to PBS.

Day 12: Writing 101


5 thoughts on “Dear Local News Stations

  1. Oh My these posts are so hilarious, first it was I forgot her name, about Bean and now it’s you about the news people. I do not watch news just because of this weirdness. I tell myself I have better things to do than listen to her. I’m sorry for laughing. 🙂

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