Where did You go?

Why didn’t you wake me?  

I can only imagine that it was for selfish reasons.  So that you could fit in a few more hours of that Me-time.

When every second of my waking life is consumed with Them, where do We fit in any longer?

In dreams, and memories, alone?  In anger, sadness, and fear?

Those are the only places that I can find Us anymore.

Those are the only places where I can find You.

Did you see me drowning?

Can you feel how cold I’ve turned?  I am hardened.

I feel our love is dying.

You never claimed this life as your own, and instead you handed Them the keys.

I have watched you let Them steer for so long now that I think you, yourself have forgotten how to drive.

Where do we go from here?

What even happened to Us?

I am so angry that I can no longer speak.  Tears are lost deep inside of my body.

Maybe it is my fault for letting you slip so far away.

But, now I can’t even remember what it felt like to have all of you.

Did I, ever?




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