I am a Coward

I am so fucking embarrassed of they way I handled that situation.

Why do I always have to second guess myself?  Why am I such a chickenshit?

I should have had the courage to enter that room and communicate what I needed too, but instead I ran away.  I ran away like a scared child.  I ran searching for an answer.  What I was searching for was someone to help me instead of me standing up for myself.  I was even in the right!  But, all I found was my cowardly reflection, and I know they all saw it too.

I am just so embarrassed.

I am ashamed of me.

Why did I have to run?

Why can’t I believe in myself?


3 thoughts on “I am a Coward

    1. I appreciate your kind words! I am still feeling pretty weak this morning, but after practicing in the bathroom mirror I know I am more prepared today to face uncomfortability, and to stand my ground. It just always surprises me as an adult how chickenshit I have become! I think that my 16 year old self would so kick my 40 year old butt. 😉

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  1. I wish I could say I can’t imagine, but the scenario you aptly describe sounds like an entry from my journal. Why didn’t I… What’s wrong with me… I’m such a loser… I’m sorry you feel it too. Personally, I like Present You. I also respect Younger You. 😊💚

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